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Looking for the coolest hotels in Macau ? You’ve come to the right place.

Most of the best hotels in Macau, as might be expected, are associated with casinos. I’m particularly impressed with Crown Towers in this regard. Banyan Tree Macau also looks fabulous. One interesting feature of the larger hotels in Macau is the amazing animated animal displays in the lobbies – something I’ve not seen anywhere else. I’ll have to do an article on them one day!

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interesting trivia about Macau

Ok – I’m telling you this because I was surprised by it – maybe you already know.. but Macau’s GDP per capital iin 2015, when measured using purchasing power parity (ie taking into account the price of goods locally compared to the prices for the same goods in other countries) was the highest in the world. It became the world’s largest gambling centre in 2006 and has the fourth highest life expectancy. It also ranks 18th in the world on the Human Development Index. Who knew? Someone’s making a lot of money from all of that gambling…

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