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Looking for the most beautiful hotels in Canberra ? You’ve come to the right place..

As a regular visitor to Canberra, I have yet to fall in love with the place. Manuka and Kingston have a reasonable selection of cafes and restaurants, but the hotel scene has been lacking a certain something. But things are looking up. The New Acton area is starting to develop a certain hipster cool, and all of the hotels of interest are in this area.

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Hotel Hotel has been included in the Conde Nast Hot List Canberra.


At the time of writing, Design Hotels Canberra offers Hotel Hotel

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top 10 instagram locations in Canberra

Looking to impress your followers with some fabulous instagram shots from your trip to Canberra? Here are some suggestions… in no particular order

James Turrell installation @ National Gallery of Art

It’s easy to miss this when you visit the National Gallery of Art in Canberra. It’s outside of the main building, and looks like a grassy mound set inside a small lake. Nothing to see here. Walk inside, and again, you might not be impressed. Take out your phone camera and point it anywhere. Literally anywhere. And you’ll have the most amazing instagram shots you’ve ever taken. You.are.a.photographic.genius.

Hotel Hotel

There are so many cool instagram locations in this hotel I’d recommend staying there to make sure you don’t miss any. Here’s a classic though – looking up the stairs to the lobby.

XO restaurant

XO restaurant in Canberra has minimalist Japanese style interior design – there are some good shots here – and the food is also very photogenic. Win win.

Capitol Bar and Grill @ QT Hotel Canberra

Not my favourite bar in the world, or even in Canberra, but Capitol Bar and Grill at the QT Canberra has some fabulous wallpaper and a great selection of portraits of politicians from around the world.

Ok… I only managed 4 locations… there must be more. Let me know in the comments below…

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