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most beautiful hotels in melbourne

Looking for the most beautiful hotels in Melbourne ?  You’ve come to the right place.

In international perspective Melbourne lives in the shadow of Sydney – it lacks Sydney’s harbour and beaches, the world class hotels, and the amazing vibrance of the small bar scene. With the exception of Crown Towers and Crown Metropol the hotel stock in Melbourne has limited interest, although the boutiques Villa Donati, QT Melbourne and The Prince save the day to some degree.

To some extent my disappointment is even sharper given that Melbourne has several hotels marketed as Art hotels. This could be considered promising, but unfortunately none of these impress – so much potential, yet not realised. In my opinion.

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Crown Metropol has been included in the Conde Nast Hot List Melbourne


At the time of writing, Design Hotels Melbourne offers Adelphi Hotel. Mr and Mrs Smith Melbourne has Coppersmith, Lyall Hotel, Ovolo Laneways, QT Melbourne and The Cullen.


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most beautiful bars and restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne’s claim to fame, in Australia at least, is that it has an embarrassment of fabulous cafes, bars and restaurants. I’m on the fence about this claim, particularly when compared with Sydney which has a better selection in all categories, largely due to the catalysing influence of the wonderful Merivale group. Nevertheless, Melbourne does have some cool bars, and a small handful of beautiful restaurants.

I originally included the Rooftop at QT in this list, but after a recent visit I’ve removed it. It certainly has a buzz about it on a Friday night in Summer, but beautiful – with the exception of the gorgeous green tiled bar – it is not. imho. The same fate has befallen Neil Perry’s Rosetta in the Crown complex. The white marble bar is gorgeous – photo here – but the restaurant as a whole is disappointing and, at least at the time of our visit, the music is a terrible saccharin ‘La Vita Dolce’ mix.

the beautiful ceiling at The Press Club

most beautiful galleries and museums in Melbourne

Melbourne, without dispute, has one of Australia’s finest art galleries, in the National Gallery of Victoria. The permanent collection is impressive, as are the touring exhibitions.

national gallery of victoria

new openings and news

  • I’m not sure if I’m excited by the impending opening of a new QT Hotel in Melbourne or simply curious. After the fabulous QT Hotel in Sydney the rest of the QT Hotels opening around Australia have been disappointing. Let’s see…

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