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Looking for the most beautiful hotels in Buenos Aires ? You’ve come to the right place!

Buenos Aires is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has great hotels, great bars and restaurants, some great architecture – well, at least one fabulous building, but that’s one more than many cities, and just a great vibe. It is also, or at least was also, very good value.

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Buenos Aires hotels Faena, Home, Moreno Hotel, Mio Buenos Aires and Jardin Escondido have been included in the Conde Nast Hot List. Hub Porteno has been included in Tatler’s 101 Best Hotels in the World. Legado Mitico has been included in both the Conde Nast Hot List Buenos Aires and Tatler’s 101 Best Hotels in the World, and Faena has also received the ultimate honour of inclusion in Hotel Lust List World’s 100 Most Beautiful Hotels list.

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At the time of writing, Design Hotels Buenos Aires has Hotel Pulitzer. Mr and Mrs Smith Buenos Aires has Faena, Be Jardin Escondido, Estancia la Bamba de Areco, Home, Hotel Pulitzer and Legado Mitico. Leading Hotels of the World Buenos Aires also has Faena, as well as Alvear Palace and Alvear Art Hotel. Small Luxury Hotels of the World Buenos Aires has 1828 Smart Hotel and CasaSur Recoleta.

our recommendations

The first decision to make here is which area do you want to stay in? The best hotels Recoleta – treelined area with large mansions and designer shops and restaurants – would be Mio Buenos Aires or Palacio Duhau. If you’re looking for the best hotels San Telmo – funky neighbourhood with markets and cool shops – I’d go with Moreno. And if you’re in the market for the best hotels Palermo – lots and lots of restaurants and bars and also some cool shops – I’d recommend Home or Jardin Escondido. And if you’re just looking for the best hotel Buenos Aires, then Faena would be my pick. is an independent site run by fans of beautiful hotels. We don’t get paid by any of the hotels, brands or marketing organisations – we recommend hotels only because we think they are the best. Our criteria? We look for hotels with a bit a ‘wow factor’, some glamour, and beautiful design.

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