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beautiful hotels for the bold and the beautiful

Beautifuldotcom.com has initially focused in finding you the most beautiful hotels to stay in. Wherever you are in the world (* – well, not literally wherever you are, but we do have a very impressive geographical spread) we’ll show you the hotels that have the coolest interior design, more than a touch of glamour and lashings of wow factor. Feel like a rock star.

We don’t get paid to promote any hotels, so if we include a hotel on our site, regardless of brand, type or affiliation, it’s because we believe in it. We’ve either stayed there, or would love to stay there – it meets the beautifuldotcom.com beautiful life test.


Worlds 100 Most Beautiful Hotels 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but I hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. Beautifuldotcom is proud to announce the winning hotels in our inaugural pick of the World’s 100 Most Beautiful Hotels 2016.

Click here to review the list, check out how many of the hotels you’ve already stayed in and add the others to your bucket list!

beautiful bars, restaurants, art, architecture and stuff…. coming soon…

If you do venture outside your beautiful hip and cool hotel, we’re also starting to cover some of the other beautiful places in each location so that you never have to leave your beautiful bubble. The world is full of beautiful bars and restaurants, galleries and museums chock full of gorgeous art and design, architecture to blow your mind and scenery and wildlife that will take your breath away. Sometimes it’s just knowing where to find them. How to avoid the tourist traps and how to seek out the sometimes hidden gold.

That’s where we come in. Too often we’ve travelled to a place and consulted guide books only to be directed to popular well-rated hotels, bars with a great cocktail menu, restaurants with a pedigreed chef and sights to see that might have been beautiful a long time ago, but which are now surrounded with tourist tat and lowlifes. We really wanted a guide that would tell us where to find the true beauty in a place. Great interior design, art, architecture and nature. We couldn’t find it, so we started to create it. This is a huge undertaking, as you’ll hopefully appreciate, so please feel free to get involved. Tell us what we’re missing, tell us if you think we’ve got it wrong. There are comments fields throughout. But mostly, enjoy! You only live once.

Some feedback on the site…

The Idea about your blog and the design looks great (Switzerland) Absolutely a great site… (Thailand)  I very much appreciated your website (Morocco) … beautiful presentation on your website (Greece) … your website looks fantastic (Australia)

And some of our recent additions…

…and some of the things Hotel Lust List is looking forward to….

The fabulous Hakkasan Group is planning to open a hotel in Dubai – can’t wait. If the design is anything like their fabulous restaurants, bars and nightclubs we are in for a treat.

Kelly Wearstler has been commissioned to revamp her own revamp – this time at Avalon Beverly Hills. The original was gorgeous… am I just a little nervous about the revamp?? Watch this space…

Oberoi is planning to build a new resort in the Maldives.. should be fabulous..

or looking for some inspiration for your next trip…

So many gorgeous hotels and resorts, so little time. Life is too short to stay in the wrong hotel.


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